The best Samp report cards – Vieira-Ferrari, who saw Quagliarella?


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The best Samp report cards - Vieira-Ferrari, who saw Quagliarella?

Sampdoria-Atalanta 0-0

Audero 6 – It neutralizes a good free kick by Malinovskyi at the end of the first half, it is always reactive and can also be seen in a couple of timely (and reckless) exits outside the area.

Bereszynski 6 – More stuck than usual, check the Chestnuts well first and then Arana without ever being surprised about the right-wing out.

Colley 6.5 – Solid and effective, this time it shows much more continuity within the match, juggling with great personality against the best Serie A attack.

Ferrari 6.5 – Good closures and as many exits ball with the head high. Barrow throws a goal net with an orange card foul, but Irrati only warns him not considering his speech as a last man. Probably, in doing so, Ferrari also saves the result.

Murru 6 – He does well in the challenge between sprinters with Muriel and also offers a decent contribution in the offensive phase on the wing.

Depaoli 6 – The right-wing Blucerchiata chain today works beautifully: he pushes, Bereszynski covers. The winning weapon of Sampdoria was the embargo of the Nerazzurri on the side lanes.

Ekdal 6 – Samp runs well in the possession phase, has great tactical intelligence and is good at letting his parents breathe in the crucial moments of the match.

Vieira 6.5 – He retrieves a large quantity of balls, Ranieri's octopus plays an excellent race this afternoon and also provides for Malinovskyi to be sent off 74 minutes before going out for the final (From the 81 ’Bertolacci s.v.)

Jankto 6 – He is among the most inspired of Samp, he has two good chances to score, but he fails to put them into practice.

Bonazzoli s.v. – He starts a muscle problem and is forced to ask for a change beforehand (From 12 ’Caprari 6 – It bothers the defensive package of the Goddess with her speed, but lacks the right paw to unlock the match).

Quagliarella 5.5 – Impalpable and little involved. He sacrifices himself, but never kicks on goal. Where did the top scorer of the last Serie A finish? (From 69 ’Ramirez 6 – His entry into the field removes offensive points of reference from Atalanta, but also from Sampdoria. That ends up never biting).

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