The best pastry shops in Italy 2020 for Gambero Rosso


Iginio Massari is the best pastry chef in Italy: the new one also decrees Gambero Rosso Italian Pastry Chef & Pastry Guide that in the 2020 edition rewards it with 95 points, in first place in a ranking of the wonders that this year puts in pole position 23 sweetest addresses throughout Italy. There are many Three Cakes, or the premises that have obtained a score equal to or greater than 90 points, e you can find them all in the gallery above.

As always, they are the result of a year of work by the Gambero inspectors, who have visited hundreds of pastry shops throughout Italy, to choose the 580 to be included in the new guide, ordering them based on scores decreed according to criteria very specific. Inspections have been made in more crowded times (generally at the weekend) and have been evaluated the environment (the reception and cleaning of the premises), l‘Product display (quantity and way of proposing sweets), theassortment, the space dedicated to innovative pastry, i prices, thestaff efficiency, the packaging, the possibility of combining with desserts of wines and obviously the taste of the proposals. For every pastry the tasting test it is based on three products considered to be test beds: a leavened breakfast without filling (croissant, brioche), a fresh product such as cream puffs, dry pastries.

The result is the story of the sweetest Italy and confirms that, like the kitchen, white art is in great turmoil thanks to confectioners increasingly attentive to the quality of their products, to the way they are presented, to the demands of ever more demanding consumers. Among the new trends the new Gambero guide then tells of the hotel with pastry shops, an excuse to stop even for passing customers. An example? THE' Harry's pastry shop at the Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta in Trieste, rewarded by the guide as novelty of the year. Among other special prizes, that of Emerging Pastry Chef goes to Marco Battaglia and Lavinia Franco from Marla Milano, and Bompiani from Rome instead is the Best Salted Pastry.

"Pasticceri & Pasticcerie talks about a sector in continuous and constant growth and evolution", he declared Paolo Cuccia, President of Gambero Rosso. "The shrimp has always been attentive to the masters involved in the use and transformation of excellent products that enhance their qualities and are able to produce great masterpieces, symbols of the culinary creativity of our country". From this point of view, in addition to indicating addresses throughout Italy, the guide also dedicates this year a section to the Best Pastry Chefs: the talents of the great restaurants that with their creations have the responsibility to close the meal. Because everything depends (also) on dessert. To see the best bakeries browse the gallery above


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