The awards for the solidarity of the Iseni y Nervi Foundation to Gabrielli, Tomassini and Basso


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ORTA SAN GIULIO – This year the Merit Award for the solidarity of the Iseni y Nervi Foundation to the Prefect Franco Gabrielli, Chief of Police and general manager of Public Security, to Senator Antonio Tomassini, former president of the Health Commission of Palazzo Madama, and to the cycling champion Ivan Basso, two-time winner of the Giro d'Italia. The ceremony was held this evening, Saturday 26 October, at the San Rocco Hotel during the eighth edition of the Cardiological Days of the Heart Center Milan Malpensa, an initiative organized by the Foundation.

The Prefect Franco Gabrielli

The first to be awarded by the president of the Iseni y Nervi Foundation Fabrizio Iseni, in the presence of the Quaestors of Varese, Giovanni Pepe, and of Novara, Rosanna Lavezzaro, was the Prefect Franco Gabrielli, from 29 April 2016 Chief of Police and Director General of Public Security. A career at the forefront of institutions with positions as head of the Digos of the Rome Police Headquarters, director of the Central Anti-Terrorism Service, director of Sisde and Head of the Civil Protection Department, as well as Prefect of L'Aquila at the time of the earthquake emergency, commissioner for the emergencies of immigration from North Africa in 2012, commissioner for the sinking of the Costa Concordia in 2012 and coordinator of the emergency for the Emilia earthquake in 2012 and for the Jubilee operations in Rome in 2015. «As a kid I wanted to be a policeman and luck gave me the honor of being at the top of the police – the words of Prefect Gabrielli in front of the congress audience – my colleagues know that I always repeat that I have no employees but depend on many people. My luck is linked to the women and men who shared a stretch of road with me and supported me ». The Chief of Police also recalled his experience at the Civil Protection ("he allowed me to know an extraordinary world") and he "cleared" the theme of political primacy, he who in 2008 was "victim" of the spoil-system . "It is politics that must govern the apparatuses, not vice versa. That with a capital P should give vision and perspective ".

The Senator and the champion

On the stage of the winners was then called the Senator Antonio Tomassini, surgeon and for four terms at Palazzo Madama, former president of the Health Commission and the National Health Service inquiry commission. "I wanted to be a doctor as a child and I was very lucky for what I did," Tomassini admitted, referring to Gabrielli's words.

Finally, the prize to a champion of the territory, the cyclist from Cassano Magnago Ivan Basso, two-time winner of the Tour of Italy and twice on the podium of the Tour de France. Today also ambassador for road safety: «The simplest message to spread is that the road belongs to everyone, it must be shared. And that mutual respect and rules is the first thing to do ».

The Merit Award for solidarity

A prestigious recognition that over the years has been attributed to political figures such as former minister Renato Balduzzi, then undersecretaries Franca Biondelli and Cosimo Ferri, Senator Antonio Tomassini, personalities of the religious world such as Cardinal Leo Burke, Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, Cardinal Bernard Agre, Monsignor Eleazar Escobar Cardona, Father Umberto Libralato, Father Abelardo Lobato, Sister Monica Dialuce, leading figures in civil society such as Walter Ricciardi, Pierfelice degli Uberti, Professor Raffaele Calabrò and Alessandra Mulas, sportsmen of the caliber of Francesco Moser and Marino Amadori, bodies such as the Italian Red Cross, the National Fire Brigade Corps and the Italian Civil Protection. A "golden book" that is enriched every year with new, prestigious names.

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