The attack of Lepore: "We Lucia Borgonzoni know it very well. Do you really want it at the helm of Emilia-Romagna?"


BOLOGNA – Three poor minutes to tell "three news about Lucia Borgonzoni", at the end of which she asks: "We know it very well in Bologna. Do you really want it to be the leader of the Emilia-Romagna Region?" With a video released on Facebook, the Councilor of Bologna for Culture Matteo Lepore attacks the candidate of the center-right at the Regionals on 26 January, highlighting the absenteeism from the Council benches, the lack of response, as undersecretary of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage dossiers concerning Bologna, and above all remembering when he proposed to register Muslim citizens.Lucia Borgonzoni, traces Lepore in the video, "was elected municipal councilor of Bologna", then in March 2018 "senator" and finally, a few weeks later, "appointed under-secretary of the cultural heritage minsit." But in this period "he has not given up his seat here in the municipal council. Since then there have been 141 sessions, and of these 122 have been absent, and 19 present. I wonder why in all these months you have not given up your seat , having been elected to the Senate and having an important position ".

The Lepore attack:

Matteo Lepore in the video against Lucia Borgonzoni

Lepore also recalls that "on November 20, 2018 I was received at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage to have a meeting with her. I presented myself with all the directors and presidents of our cultural institutions and gave her a dossier with the main problems of our city including the candidacy of arcades as a UNESCO world heritage site.

But, Lepore insists in this video, "the news that worries me most is the following. On January 27, 2012 – I was a young councilor, she a young councilor, from the bench of the municipal council presented me with a question that read like this: "In light of the presence of numerous mosques in the city of Bologna, the junta and mayor are asked to provide a cataloging, a census of Muslim citizens. Apart from – Lepore points out – that mosques in Bologna are still missing – are there only prayer halls – I want to ask you, and in particular Lucia Borgonzoni: is it worthy of a civilized country the cataloging of Muslim citizens, whether they are Italians or foreigners? do we want to preside over the Emilia-Romagna Region? We know it very well in Bologna, perhaps you missed these three news "

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