The Adriano Celentano show does not hold the TV ratings, the Adrian cartoon continues to be a flop


Despite the massive presence of Adriano Celentano on stage and the transverse parterre of emblazoned faces set up for the show that preceded the airing of the cartoon, "Adrian Live – This is History" did not reach 4 million spectators. Share stopped at 15.41% and 3.869.000 spectators that collapsed at 10.44% with 1.859.000 spectators for the cartoon "Adrian". The stop imposed by Mediaset, officially, at least at the beginning, due to a series of Molleggiato health problems, did not help to bring up the hype linked to the product that is worse than the beginning of 2019, losing over 5 points compared to the first episode of 21 January 2019. The Rai fiction, hard core of public television programming, manages to keep up with the return of Celentano on TV even with the series that, among all, less has been shown to converge with respect to products that make up the entire offer. The fourth season of One step from heaven, in contrast, has maintained its average audience with 4.407.000 spectators and 19.95% of share. That is enough to overcome Adriano.

Adrian's debut more followed by Adriano's show

Adriano's second debut is even worse than himself. The first episode ever aired in January 2019, also thanks to the drive obtained from the curiosity that surrounded a still unpublished product, had recorded 5,997,000 spectators at Canale5 and 21.9% share in the first part and 4,544,000 spectators equal at 19.1% in the second part with the airing of the cartoon.

The TV plays on November 7th

Now let's see what happened on the other networks. On Rai2 Maleficent it was followed by 1,635,000 spectators with a 6.56% share. On Italy 1 Sherlock Holmes it involved 991,000 spectators with a 4.52% share. On Rai3 To Tell You Start with Raffaella Carra who interviewed Vittorio Sgarbi, she entertained 1,116,000 spectators with a 4.65% share. On Rete4 Straight and Reverse by Paolo Del Debbio, with the brawl touched by Vauro, entertained 1,162,000 spectators with a 6.41% share. On La7 A clean sweep was followed by 819,000 spectators with a 4.16% share. On TV8 the Europa League match between Borussia MOnchengladbach and Rome involved 1,363,000 spectators with 5.41%. On the Nine Fault of the Stars it was followed by 315,000 spectators with 1.43%. On Sky Uno the third episode of X Factor 13 has registered 702,000 spectators with a 3.05% share.

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