The actions to keep now in the portfolio according to the experts


Depending on the performance of the markets and the performance of the securities, there are shares to be held now in the portfolio. Which ones are they? The securities recommended by analysts.

Analysts' advice on Wall Street

To make money on the stock market and make money by investing in the markets, you need to understand how to buy an stock. To achieve this it may be useful to follow the advice of analysts. Metrics and parameters to understand if a stock is to be bought, in fact, can also look at previous performances. Given that, as mentioned before, what happened in the past is not a certainty that this will be repeated in the future, it remains for an interesting business card.

How to invest money without losing it in 2020

RBC analysts say, for example, that bank bonds must be bought and put in a portfolio. Especially those in the United States who view the situation can be an excellent investment strategy. In other words, a way to invest money without losing it in 2020. In fact, the structure of the banking sector with stars and stripes is currently very similar to the period 1994-1998. During that time the banks experienced solid outperformance. And like then, the Federal Reserve started to cut interest rates again.

The sector in which to invest according to the RBC experts

For this reason, analysts advise, from RBC, the purchase of a sector to invest in, the banking sector. In fact, they are convinced that currently the banks are well-positioned stocks to have excellent performance. According to their projections, the current environmental conditions are more common with the 1994-1998 period than with the 2004-2008 period. That is what preceded the world crisis. So don't be afraid to buy. But from RBC they go even further. Some shares, in fact, can boast not a Buy rating but even an Outperform rating.

The actions to keep now in the portfolio according to the experts

So what are the actions to keep now in the portfolio according to the experts? The first is Bank of America Corp. (BAC) a ubiquitous choice in the United States. Recently the last quarterly was published. Hand numbers, third-quarter net profit rose 4%. Adjusted net profit also exceeded the analysts' consensus estimate. In addition there is the question of dividend: 2.17%. Outperform also for Citigroup Inc. (C) In this case we talk about a cheap action in an expensive equity sector. Interesting the policy of the Buyback, which joins the other points of advantage: profits and revenues of the third quarter that beat expectations. Trading strategies also confirmed stronger than expected results. Also in this case we speak of a dividend: of 2.69%.

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