"That's why I didn't go to the funeral"


of Michela Poi

"I wanted to be with you, my life is now hell". Those poignant words that Anastasiya, the girlfriend of Luca Sacchi, killed in the night between 23 and 24 October in Appio Latino, wrote to his father before the funeral was celebrated. The girl was not present at the funeral and her inexplicable absence was much discussed these days. "I decided to break the silence – said his lawyer Giuseppe Cincioni – A silence that I believe is nevertheless necessary in these cases, to avoid that they can continue to give themselves distorted interpretations that have nothing to do with the real reasons for a suffered choice. A thoughtful decision taken in agreement with his family and with me, for the fear that his presence – due to the morbid media attention – could become an occasion for disturbance in a moment dedicated to prayer, recollection and memory ". Anastasiya would therefore have preferred to stay away from the media clamor for fear of the possible adverse reactions of the crowd. His paternal grandmother, Nastija, who attended the funeral in total anonymity, took her place in the church.
Meanwhile, according to some rumors, Luca's parents would be very resentful of Anastasiya: beyond the last message, from the day after the murder he would never call them again. She who was considered like a second daughter. "Why did you disappear?" Dad would have written in a message. His position in the affair still remains unclear. The girl is waiting to be heard by the carabinieri and the prosecutor, but has not yet received any summons. In the meantime the investigations continue: the most accredited track is that of a drug tour. The gun with which Valerio Del Grosso shot at Luca is sought at Tor Bella Monaca. In the shadow of the tower blocks of Via dell'Archeologia, one of the biggest market squares in Italy where it is easy to find also revolvers and rifles. Several homes of convicts were sieved. The murder weapon, according to investigators, may have been returned by the killer and his accomplice, Paolo Pirino, to just a few gunmen of the underworld who hires weapons to carry out ambushes, legends and murders.
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