"That's how they are. Di Carmine out"


Press conference that cannot but start from those that were the episodes of the last shift, racist whistles that, in this case, had involved Mario Balotelli. In the declarations of Juric however, there is also room for football, with updates, as far as the fantasy football is concerned, of Veloso and Kumbulla injuries, two pillars of this Verona.

EPISODE OF RACISM – "The culprits have been found, not good, when it is so you have to apologize. Good that they were so few, that they did everyone harm. Yes, I had asked everyone to be sure not to say stupid things. There were few people, even Balotelli agreed ".

VELOSO E KUMBULLA – "We don't know, there will be an evolution. The soleus is a strange muscle, times can vary, for Kumbulla you have to be careful. We need to improve in prevention. To the nationals, to the organized trips, a great part of these injuries are due to these things. Kumbulla took a hit before going to the national team, then started to run badly. Miguel also had back problems after his trip to Naples. It has nothing to do ".

GUNTER'S CONDITIONS – "I'm fine, he had the flu. "

THE GOAL OF SALCEDO "I didn't think about it. When you make two victories so the environment is more positive, I too."

DI CARMINE – "I have to think about it, he'll be out in this game."

PESSINA AND DAWDIWOCICZ – "Pessina sure, the median is its natural role. I'm still thinking back there".

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