"Thais, sorry! The real Naples loves you, women and children don't touch"


Iovino's letter broke out in the Allan house: Thais, sorry! The real Naples loves you, women and children don't touch each other
"Dear Thais, sorry! Forgive them, because they don't know what they are doing! You well know the value of these words! This city sometimes sees the darker side emerge, but you, with your smile and your wonderful family, continue to be light! Let's not lose hope! You're right, this isn't cheering! Women, mothers, children do not touch each other! Never! But know that most of Naples loves you! God bless your family! "

These are the words that all of us, Neapolitans, should address to Thais. Many newspapers in these hours have spread the words of indignation expressed by the wife of Allan, about the sad story of the robbery at home by them immediately the other day, followed also by some social tensions and insults about the known events of Calcio Napoli . Commentators, fans and fellow journalists continue to spend hours talking about the crisis that Naples is going through, without understanding that this misfortune experienced by the Allan family is emblematic and worrying. And it's much more complex and concerns us all.

This robbery has all the taste of a real intimidation. Beyond what will be ascertained by the competent authorities, I have not heard anyone side with Thais or condemn what he experienced. Woman, wife and mother (moreover pregnant), saw the intimacy of the house violated. Thais has taken the field to defend her family with passion and determination. As any mother would do in Brazil or Naples. We should be worried about what's happening. All this goes beyond sport. We should all be more indignant, and have the humility to put in place a rare but noble virtue: "to apologize".

Alessandro Iovino

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