Tested to journalist in Ostia, the Cassation confirms the sentence against Roberto Spada. "There is the aggravating Mafia"


The conviction to six years of imprisonment for Roberto Spada was confirmed, accused of injuries aggravated by the mafia method, for having assaulted, in 2017, a crew of the Nemo transmission in Ostia (the journalist Daniele Piervincenzi was hit with a head). The Cassation, accepting the requests of the Pg, Pasquale Fimiani, noted that it was a Mafia method with the "indicators" of intimidation, so much so that none of those present intervened to rescue the victims. "According to the verdict of the Court of Appeal, the symptomatic indicators that show the existence of the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method with a deliberate and ostentatious manifestation of power" in the aggression to the television crew of Nemo, the Pg Fimiani had pointed out in the his indictment before the 'ermellini'.


Ostia, three life sentences to the Spada clan. For the Court of Assizes it is a mafia association

The Pg had also underlined that, among the indexes of the mafia method "none of the people present in the gym managed by Spada, in front of which the attack on journalists took place, intervened in favor of the victims".

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Together with the journalist Daniele Piervincenzi, the cameraman Edoardo Anselmi was attacked and chased along the road. Ruben Nelson Del Puerto was also in charge of Spada, whose position was canceled and is still able to appeal."This sentence recognizes the properly mafia-like matrix of a particularly brutal and cowardly act of criminal arrogance and is a recognition for all those journalists, such as Daniele Piervincenzi, who every day pass through the organized crime bunkers to ask the small and big bosses the most questions uncomfortable". Thus commented the lawyer Giulio Vasaturo, a Fnsi lawyer, who was a civil party in the trial. And the mayor Raggi, present at the reading of the sentence: "This sentence is certainly a legal victory and is a very strong signal for criminals: in Rome there is no room for crime and the mafia".

Roberto Spada is in prison in Tolmezzo and was sentenced to life imprisonment in another trial.

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