Tesla presents its super battery for new cars



Tesla certainly played a key role in the development of the car electrical and is preparing once again to to change this type of industry. A few days ago, the same Elon Musk announced on his profile Twitter a new model of super battery. This will be mounted on Model S Plaid and will guarantee aautonomy very higher.

The new model will be the tip of diamond of the S family, thus representing the most equipped version. Among the innovations there is also a new system propulsive which will use well 3 engines electric. It also changes it chassis, as confirmed by the numerous photo stolen during the test laps on the German circuit of Nurburgring.

Electric cars: Tesla will be able to guarantee much more autonomy in its cars

The new Tesla will be equipped with one new battery, much more capacious of those mounted to date. Elon Musk has not gone too far but it would seem that the capacity will be greater than that of Model S "Long-Range", Thus overcoming i 100kWh. But we don't have others information on battery and we will therefore have to settle for waiting for the presentation Official.

Musk some time ago stated that there was a limit of capacity of the batteries which probably was exceeded. THE 120kWh are perhaps a distant memory, swept away by the increase of the density of the cell. But we will have to wait for the summer of 2020 to know with certainty i details final of the new Li-ion pack used.

You will probably exceed i 130kWh, result that will put Tesla and his cars at the head of the market for services and autonomy. According to the first approximate calculations, the latter could come to touch the 700 km, making the use of the electric car much easier and with less compromises.

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