Tesla pick-up: a few days to debut


A ZERO EMISSIONS – In the United States, where i pick-up they have no rivals in sales, the first with electric motors will arrive from 2020, a sign that even this category of vehicles (always very tied to traditions) is called to reduce the impact on the environment. Also the "game" will be soon Tesla, which announced the imminent debut of its first truck body, unveiled on November 21 in Los Angeles at SpaceX, an aerospace company founded, like Tesla, by Elon Musk. The pick up (above a drawing released two years ago, but which may not be representative of Tesla's standard model, it should arrive on the market at the beginning 2021.

DO YOU DRIVE AS A SPORTS? – According to what Elon Musk would have said during an interview the pick-up of the Tesla it will have six seats in two rows, it will be able to tow up to 136 tons and it will be able to cover between 645 and 800 km with a battery charge. Tesla does not seem to have underestimated the driving qualities of the pick-up, despite the fact that these vehicles have their main features in their strength and versatility: Musk, known for his sometimes hyperbolic expressions, would have said that the pick-up will be as pleasant to drive as the Porsche 911. The base price should be less than $ 50,000, $ 19,000 less than rival Rivian R1T.

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