Teresa Bellanova sends to crash M5s, Pd and government on Ilva: dramatic strategic error


The Renziana minister Teresa Bellanova crashes M5s and government overIlva. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the holder of the Agricultural Policies, head of delegation of Italy Viva in the executive, he claims the need to reintroduce it criminal shield for Arcelor Mittal, a measure opposed by the 5 Star Movement.

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The government, explains the former Pd, "has the duty not to give pretexts to Arcelor Mittal"because when this group participated in the call for tenders" he knew that in Italy the law also provided for the penal shield that had been requested by the Commissioners because they couldn't find people who could work where they were pollution". It was translated into a perfect alibi for the French-Indian multinational, in trouble with its business plan." If you take away that rule, with the previous government, then contract with the company and put it back and now you take it from the the pretext to Mittal to cover his deficiencies ", stresses the Pugliese minister.

But the game is very political, and also and above all concerns the relationships between Matteo Renzi and the Pd, after the appeal of Dario Franceschini to make a common front on the maneuver. Bellanova says it sees "authoritative representatives of the party of Franceschini" very busy in "a race to wanting to go to the vote"but that" elections cannot be used as a threat "." If someone is in a hurry to get Salvini with full powers to the government – it is his warning – he will assume his responsibilities, surely we do not lend ourselves to this " .

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