Teotino: "Roma-Napoli, just whistle on Callejon. Do it by de Ligt? I got an idea"


The columnist Gianfranco Teotino has released some statements during the Open Microphone broadcast, a program broadcast on Radio Sportiva.

Gianfranco Teotino intervened in Open Microphone of Sports Radio: "Naples? In the summer it has made a market that has never been done in recent years. Just to discuss Ancelotti, because if there are eleven points of separation from Juventus and ten from Inter it means that something is not working, just as it is right to discuss managerial choices. "Torino-Juventus? I got an idea: an episode like that of De Ligt's touch is never a penalty, just like the one whistled in Lecce was not. Icardi? If PSG continues to play like that in the end it will redeem itself, especially if there is a noticeable progress in Europe, otherwise there could be a downsizing even as a market budget ".

Su Higuain: "The first to question him were the managers of Juventus, who first sold him to Milan and then tried to sell him last summer, evidently there were doubts about him. He is showing that his desire to remain it was not a whim but the will to give something "

On the penalty whistled against Callejon in Rome-Naples: "Unfortunately for him he made an instinctive movement with his arm towards the ball".

Su Ronaldo: "One of the most difficult moments of his Juventus experience, in the last games is not shining, but I am sure he will recover soon".

Su Lukaku: "If he continues he can finish the championship close to 30 goals".

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