Teotino: "Naples, Ancelotti's exemption only in one case. Azzurri listened to Genoa"


Gianfranco Teotino, commentator, spoke during his speech at Open Microphone, on Radio Sportiva. Among the topics discussed there is also Naples.

The journalist Gianfranco Teotino issued some statements during the transmission Open Microphone of Sports Radio: "The attitude of the players of Napoli? After a mutiny that is unprecedented in the history of football, you have to take the field and show your value and therefore you did not need the withdrawal, instead they seemed almost listless and far from those who want to demonstrate have his strength, his skill is unquestionable, but if there is a break between the coach and the team then the change becomes inevitable. If, on the other hand, the fracture is between coach and company, then the change becomes useless ".

On Haaland to Juventus: "The bianconeri have shown with Ronaldo and De Ligt that if they want a player they can take it. Among other things, it is in a role, that of the striker, where it is discovered in perspective"

Su Lukaku: "He has alternated between good and less good performances. He is a player of weight and movement, which exhausts his opponents and raises the center of gravity of the team, it is true that he sometimes gets confused but has good percentages of achievement. He is a great striker. is that Inter does not have a substitute ".

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