Tecne Survey for Dire Agency, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni in orbit: where Lega and Fdi fly


Another round, another poll, another bang for the sovranist front. The last revelation is the one signed by Tecne for Agency Saying. And the data is clear. There Alloy of Matteo Salvini within two weeks it rose by a further 1.3%, bringing itself to a resounding 34.5 percent. On the contrary, it falls further M5s: down 1.2 percentage points, it stands at 16.8 percent. Bad also the Pd, which moves back by 0.5 percentage points and is confirmed as the second force, very detached from the Carroccio, with 18.8 percent. Fourth force – and here we are at the second point of the sovereign advance – i Brothers of Italy of Giorgia Meloni, that in fifteen days go up by 0.7% and reach 9.1%, a round point round above Forza Italia, at 8.1% and down 0.1 percentage points. Finally, small signs of life Italy Viva of Matteo Renzi, which takes up 0.2% and leads to a small 4.5%.

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