Taxation, trade unions' alarm: more resources to Revenue and Customs for the fight against evasion



At the MEF and the policy the request for investments both for the accessory salary and for an extraordinary recruitment plan precisely to counter the phenomenon of undeclared taxes more effectively. Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp, Uil Pa, Confsal / Unsa, Flp ask Economy Minister Gualtieri and Deputy Minister Misiani and Castelli to be present at the presentation of the Mef Conventions-Tax Agencies for the 2019-2021 objectives

by Marco Mobili and Giovanni Parente

Handcuffs to tax evaders: from the increase in sanctions to the extended confiscation

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The Government is focusing on the fight against evasion in the maneuver and the related fiscal decree. But the objective risks being thwarted by the absence of human and financial resources for the Revenue and Customs Agency. It is the alarm raised by the trade unions Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp, Uil Pa, Confsal / Unsa, Flp. An alarm has already been expressed on the occasion of the garrison at the MEF on 23 October and which is now being revived in view of the setting (late because we are now at the end of the year) of the expected results for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Comparison with the ministry

In particular, the unions ask by a joint note that the Ministry of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, and the deputy ministers Antonio Misiani (Pd) and Laura Castelli (M5S) participate in the meeting scheduled for 12 November at the Finance Department for the presentation of the Conventions between MEFs and Agencies. "In this way also the important moment of information and comparison – they write in the note – that in the last few years has objectively reduced scope and importance, also due to the mere fact of now holding the final balance rather than the beginning of the annuity, as instead was realized in the previous decade, it could signal a strong discontinuity with respect to the past and open a new season with a significant attention to "stratified" problems over time that require indifferent interventions aimed at eliminating heavy critical issues that are undoubtedly reflected in the operation and functionality of the structures ".

Resources to be allocated to Agencies

To allow the organizational machinery to function, the unions ask the policy to recover economic resources for the accessory wages of the employees of the tax agencies and for an extraordinary plan of recruitment to strengthen the staff in distress of Customs and Monopoly. But that's not all, because the need for a regulatory intervention to reinforce the degree of autonomy of tax agencies under different profiles: financial, organizational-managerial and operational, comes back strongly.

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