Tax evasion and self-laundering. How the car scam works at no cost


Military of the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome have carried out a decree of preventive seizure concerning financial assets and properties for a value of almost 3 million euros, issued against Massimiliano Casazza, administrator of the Vantage group s.R.L. and creator of the commercial offer "My Car – No Cost".

Casazza, under investigation for tax evasion, fraud and self-laundering, proposed the signing of contracts with which private individuals or companies undertook to buy white cars on whose sides advertising messages would have been applied – although the Highway Code expressly prohibits the use of vehicles for advertising for consideration – and to pay around 7 thousand euros for additional services never paid. Against this, the Vantage would have arranged to pay the contractor 60 monthly installments for an amount ranging between 340 and 440 euros, as reimbursement of the purchase price of the vehicle, as well as a share of fuel and insurance costs. The investigations, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Rome, originated from reports made by the buyers when, from the end of 2018, as the number of contractors increased, the company no longer proceeded with the reimbursements.

During the investigative investigations, the Financiers of the Revenue II Group of the Economic-Financial Police Unit reconstructed a turnover of around 15 million euros in the 2016-2018 three-year period, during which the company evaded, through the submission of statements containing false information, approximately 3 million VAT, amount subject to seizure. Moreover, in the same period, using part of the money so illegitimately obtained, Casazza purchased, through another company, properties for approximately 1.3 million euros. The operation testifies to the constant commitment of the Guardia di Finanza in the fight against tax evasion and fraud against citizens and businesses.

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