Taurus: two penalties in the same game is (almost) an event. And Belotti makes 100


It was from 2008 that, in Serie A, the Torino did not score two shots from the spot in the same game: eleven years ago the sniper was Rosina, now Belotti

If the opponent touches the ball with his arm in the area, it is a penalty for Torino. Discounted? No, seeing what happened in the last derby with the hands of De Ligt forgiven by Where were you. Guide yesterday, however, he was not so clement: he first punished the involuntary touch of Cistana (disastrous a few hours after the first call-up in the National team) then, with the help of the Var, he sent for the second time on the diskette Belotti after the "parade" of Mateju. This is how Torino, in the same match, was able to take advantage of two penalties: a rare event, considering that in Serie A it had not happened for eleven years.

Reggina-Torino: Rosina's two penalties

The last time the grenade training was whistled – and then realized – two penalties over the same ninety minutes was in Reggina-Torino 1-3 of February 3, 2008. It was Alessandro Rosina to kick and bag the ball twice from eleven meters by opening the scoring first, then closing the game. Between the two transformations from eleven meters there was the momentary 0-2 signed by Roberto Stellone and, subsequently, the 1-2 goal of the future grenade Nicola Amoruso. In the 2009/2010 championship Rolando Bianchi also had the opportunity to attend twice from the spot in the Torino-Frosinone 3-1, but it was the Serie B championship (for the record the former captain made the first and the second missed, although then he managed to score on the rebound).

Turin, Belotti at 100 league goals

Returning to Brescia-Turin, the double-barreled goal scored by Andrea Belotti cut an important personal goal: in fact, 100 goals have now been scored in the professional championships between Serie A, Series B and Series C, thus adding those signed with the jerseys of Turin, Palermo and Albinoleffe and excluding cup matches. But, above all, the two goals by Gallo allowed Torino to regain that victory obtained only once in the previous nine games.

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