Taormina, the town's lawyer arrested: he stole the money from the water bills


The investigations made it possible to ascertain that the lawyer Francesco La Face, appointed by the municipal administration to collect the sums due for the supply of water to defaulting users, together with the head of the General Services Area and the Collection Office of Water service of the Municipality of Taormina Giovanni Coco, instead of paying the amounts collected into the municipal coffers, they appropriated them.

During the searches in the home of the former municipal executive, a "pizzino" was found and seized, representative of the justification agreed between the two to create a justification – obviously only apparent – to the bribe received.

The lawyer, thanks to the complicity of the manager of the water office, who inserted into the municipal computer system "AcqueWin" – hence the name of the operation – false data, negotiated the checks of the users in arrears (behavior defined by the same "disturbing" investigating judge), or was made to pay "in cash", against a discount to the user, so as not to leave a trace of the amounts received.

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