Tanks placed to pocket insurance. "Vincenti could have warned rescuers"


ALESSANDRIA – He wanted to pocket the prize of theinsurance from 1.5 million euros for malicious act stipulated in August. For this Giovanni Vincenti has placed and scheduled to explode the gas cylinders in Quargnento farmhouse where the three Firemen Marco Triches, Matteo Gastaldo and Antonino "Nino" Candido died and the two firefighters colleagues, Giuliano Dodero and Luca Trombetta, and the Carabiniere of the Station of Solero Roberto Borlengo were injured.

It has confessed Vincenti himself to Carabinieri that during the search in his home they found on bedside table in his bedroom the instructions to make the timer work to turn on the Christmas lights seized in the farmhouse after the tragedy and which triggered the explosive spark. That same confession Vincenti then reiterated it during the long interrogation before the magistrates.

Vincenti had placed the cylinders the day before the explosion and timer set. They should have all exploded around 1.30. maybe an error in timer programming has however triggered one first explosion at midnight.

Vincenti has excluded "the homicidal will " but for the investigators, he clarified the Chief Prosecutor of Alexandria, Enrico Cieri, the indictment of multiple intentional murder remains, together with those of collapse and injury, even those that are intentional. During that dramatic night Giovanni Vincenti had had the time and "Could have warned the rescuers that gas cylinders were activated on their heads". Collected also others "objective elements "of the responsibility of Giovanni Vincenti, subjected to detention and taken to prison, the investigators have investigated on the loose for the competition in the same crimes also the man's wife. However, the investigations have not been concluded, the Chief Prosecutor pointed out.

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