Tangenti Milan, the investigating judge: "Comi is young but has no common experience with criminal schemes. He has exploited the public role for his interests"


"Despite his young age, Lara Comi showed one in fact uncommon experience in resorting to the different, proven criminal schemes aimed at providing a legal appearance for the payment of bribes, fraudulent removal of public resources and forfeiture of illegal financing ". It is written in the precautionary custody order that led to the former MEP Forza Italia under house arrest in the second strand of the Milan investigation "Mensa of the poor"On alleged bribes and illegal financing. At home care also Paolo Orrigoni, owner of the chain Tigros and former candidate for the Municipality of Varese for the center-right, while in prison it is over Giuseppe Zingale, former general manager of the employment agency Afol. For the magistrates, the crimes alleged against the suspects – including fraud against the European Parliament and illegal financing – highlight "a picture of serious social alarm".

"From the examination of the circumstantial elements," the magistrate of Milan still writes Raffaella Mascarino in the order requested by prosecutors Silvia Bonardi, Luigi Furno and Adriano Scudieri, "the peculiar ability that the suspect Comi has shown to have acquired in exploiting her network of knowledge in order to draw" from the public role "of which she was invested for expression of the popular will the maximum advantage in economic terms and of widening one's own sphere of visibility ". For the former MEP, the extent of house arrest is appropriate with respect to the alleged crimes, given the "refractoriness demonstrated by the Comi regarding the compliance with the rules". Furthermore the Comi could repeat the conduct that is contested "in a plurality of scenarios that do not necessarily presuppose the current coverage of a public function".

The operation is a new trend of the maxi investigation that the 7 May led to 43 precautionary measures executed, among others, against the former Forza Italia coordinator in Varese Nino Caianiello, of the Lombard blue councilor Fabio Altitonante and of the then candidate for the European Championships and municipal councilor in quota Fi Pietro Tatarella. It was precisely the declarations made at the pm of Caianiello, the alleged "puppeteer" of the system and questioned many times in recent months, to confirm an accusatory picture already emerged from the first stories of entrepreneurs and suspects in the Prosecutor's office after the blitz.

The exponent of Forza Italia knew he was being targeted by investigators and could be investigated. Thus in an intercepted conversation he tries to agree on versions to be provided to journalists and magistrates. "However today I will say that I never took 17k (17 thousand euros, according to the accusation, ed), I have never had consultations with Afol nor of companies related to me that do not exist … ", he says turning to Maria Teresa Bergamaschi.

To the friend with whom he weaves business in last January recommends to use “Telegram which is more comfortable "and allows the destruction of messages, to confirm the fear of being intercepted. Comi also suggests not answering "suspicious" phone calls: "If they call you do not answer neither on the phone nor to text messages. I'll explain later".

Bergamaschi, a lawyer and a close collaborator of the former MEP, reports in an interview on May 14: "On December 15, 2018, I received a message from Lara Comi (…) she wrote to me" Zingale will a Christmas gift' ". And he added: "He told me about the need to pay in view of the extension of the assignment a figure of 10 thousand euros to Zingale ”.


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