Tangenti in Comune, five arrests. Also four assessors among the 30 suspects


ANCONA – When he asked the entrepreneurs for another coffee, meaning the counterpart for his illicit favors, the town surveyor Simone Bonci did not imagine being spied by the micro-cameras placed by the Flying Squad in his office in the Municipality, from where according to the reconstruction of the Public Prosecutor's Office managed stables capable of benefiting a cartel of friendly companies in tenders, including the one charged with redeveloping the Passetto Laghetti area with a contract worth 750 thousand euros.

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Ancona, an area of ​​abandoned ponds, vandals break out among the games

Nor did he think he could unleash a political earthquake four months after that market shot by the detectives. Provoked by an investigation that in addition to his arrest and that of four entrepreneurs placed under house arrest, he sees among the 30 suspects twenty officials and technicians of the Municipality, four municipal councilors – above all Paolo Manarini of Public Works, then in a very position the deputy mayor Pierpaolo Sediari, Paolo Marasca and Stefano Foresi are more secluded – and he keeps the mayor on his toes for the possible political and image repercussions of the judicial case. The first citizen Valeria Mancinelli, completely uninvolved in the investigation into alleged bribes, is forced to handle a corruption affair at Palazzo del popolo due to alleged favoritism in procurement or even phantom work (Ghost Jobs is the name of the operation) precisely at 'following the presentation to the Reduced of the Muse of his book "The principles of good governance".

With a coincidence at all random (it seems that the blitz actually took place on Wednesday morning, but at the end there was not one of the entrepreneurs to be arrested) yesterday morning the policemen of the Flying Squad led by Dr. Carlo Pinto showed up at the Palace of the people together with some investigators of the Pg section of the municipal Police, to execute the order of custody in prison signed by the investigating magistrate Sonia Piermartini against the surveyor Simone Bonci, from Ancona aged 46, in service to the Maintenance, Landslide and Protection Directorate Civil of the Municipality. He ended up in Montacuto with charges of aggravated corruption, official abuse, false public deed, public payments, fraudulent fraud against the State and auction disruption. The police force's taskforce also searched the offices of the Public Works Councilor Paolo Manarini and nine officials, engineers, architects and technicians who would have had some role in the chain of authorizations and controls in public works that would have been polluted, according to the investigation coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Valentina D'Agostino and the deputy Ruggiero Dicuonzo, by the corruption agreement between the surveyor and some entrepreneurs in business with the Municipality.

Four of them are now under house arrest for bribery with surveyor Bonci. This is the surveyor Carlo Palumbi, owner of Procaccia & C. of Teramo; Marco Duca, of the eponymous undertaking of Cupramontana; Tarcisio Molini, from Mafalda Costruzioni di Cingoli; and Francesco Tittarelli, owner of a construction company in Montesicuro in Ancona. This would be the magic circle of construction companies that revolved around the surveyor Bonci, who in exchange for expensive gifts, hi-tech gadgets like telecamerines or drones, building works at home, and at least in one case real money donations (he is been seized of a current account, assuming undue perceptions of goods and money for about 30 thousand euros) would have favored them in different ways. Both by making sure that they participate more often than necessary in direct call assignments, possible for jobs under 40 thousand euros, in violation of the principle of turning business choices. Both favoring the recovery of substantial reductions (between 20% and 25%) with which the friendly companies, at least according to the reconstruction of the Public Prosecutor's Office, were awarded the contracts displacing the competition at the cost of risking at the outset not to even return expenses.

Then those profit margins would have recovered them – it is the investigative hypothesis – thanks to Bonci's good offices. Or through the variants granted to contractors in unexpected or more expensive jobs, as happened in the case of the Laghetti, where Procaccia & C. had offered a 25% discount, falling from 750 thousand euros to 418 thousand euros, but then it had recovered margins with two variants that allowed more time and increased fees. Or by using a system of compensatory jobs, based on fast assignments with payment coupons of 5 thousand euros each, always on a direct call, especially in the maintenance of cemeteries.

Who controlled? Is it possible that a simple surveyor-instructor, although in a key position in the Works Management, has been able to pollute even significant contracts? The prosecutor, assuming a casual management of the verifications and authorizations by the superiors, decided to investigate – not for corruption, but in various ways for the crimes of abuse of office, false in public act aimed at public disbursements, fraud to damages of the State and disturbance of the auction – the whole chain of the Maintenance, Landslide and Civil Protection Department, with 9 among officials and technicians searched, reaching the Councilor Manarini.

In addition to the main strand, which concerns the procurement passed on the surveyor's table and involves 15 people, there are another 15 suspects registered for the "B side" of the investigation. Especially thanks to telephone interceptions, Mobile detectives have become aware of other possible misconduct in the management of public money, procedures that are not perfectly compliant, yet all to be verified. For this reason, as a due deed, other municipal employees and three assessors have also been registered as suspects: Foresi and Marasca for a hypothesis of omission of official deeds, Sediari for an alleged auction disturbance.


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