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The Antonio package With you is this: take it or leave it. There are no digressions from the objective, which is to raise the bar constantly and sometimes even dangerously. The statements that are bordered, the outburst that is not an outlet, the weaknesses on which to beat (cleverly hiding others): it is all part of a necessary path. Sometimes not immediate.

Inter took Antonio Conte to win again. Antonio Conte accepted because in the eyes of the Nerazzurri president, who in the presentation video awaits his arrival with the trepidation of a child at Christmas, he saw his own ambition. The same vision. Achieving results, not only declaring that you want to achieve them, does not always involve a linear path. Sometimes it needs tearing. To see if you are all on the same wavelength. Antonio's one.

"The president wants to be a protagonist again, he wants Inter to become the protagonist. So whatever I do I do for the good of Inter. If someone is not used to working on these tours I am sorry. I was called for this. If I realize that this change cannot be made … it becomes difficult. I can't distort myself. We must seek excellence. I ask my staff and everyone. You can't be satisfied, do you understand? We have to push, we need to raise the bar. I, the players, the managers and the club. All together, all compact. This means to love Inter. This changes the story. Otherwise the history of the last few years remains. And it will be a real pity. I don't live ".

Perhaps only now we begin to truly understand the meaning of the first statements of a Count who has always glossed over the theme of being accepted by the fans (in the distance, his Juventus past). He who never liked the questions about celebrations, empathy, hugs and kisses. He is how he is and this is his strength. It will not change because it is a professional. Distortion is not an option and it says it clearly. Without hypocrites flourishes.

I do not vivacchio is a simple individualist slogan. I do not vivacchio so forget all the habit of vivacchiare. In this precise historical moment, thanks to the great disappointment for the points collected in the Champions League (which do not reflect the game shown), we talk a lot about his statements. Less than the field. And yet it is precisely on that field that Conte gives it his all and gives his best. On the field there is the transposition – still unripe and unripe – of his not vivacchiare. His kick is pressure, aggression, woe to talk about long shots in the hope of finding a fortuitous goal. No, his kick is construction, preparation, calculation. It is sending a system that allows us to excel even to those who, often, is not excellent.

The declarations of intent are clear. The messages between the lines also. Conte overturned the initial question, the one that was almost spontaneous formulated as soon as the technician landed on the Nerazzurri bench.

How much desire has Antonio Conte to win with this Inter? The real question is another. How much desire does Inter have to win with Antonio Conte? What is she willing to do? The answer will depend so much. Almost everything. And the Conte package does not offer many alternatives. The answer can be only one. It is that bar that rises. It is all going in the same direction with decision. It is the beauty of an ambition that returns, after being set aside for nine years. Good news, the time to quicken is over. Conte wants to win. And you?

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