Tagada, Claudia Fusani: "Luigi Di Maio and Five stars are at the showdown. On what can it all jump"


Claudia Fusani, host of Tiziana Panella to Tagada, on La7, reveal a background on Luigi Di Maio and the 5-star movement: now "al settlement of accounts"." Di Maio said during the Council of Ministers 'I no longer control the groups' ". The problem, continues the journalist of Tiscali, is that "There are many months that there is this discussion between Di Maio and Five Star base. What is being challenged is that he wants to do too many roles in comedy, political leader, minister, and so on. He himself told the dramatic table on Ilva "that he no longer has the pulse of the situation. And, concludes Fusani," there will be a political fact that will be useful to understand where the M5s will go: the famous decree that should restore the criminal shield".

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