Sweden, the wrecks of two warships identified in the Baltic Sea: one would be Vasa's sister ship


A group of Swedish archaeologists have discovered two wrecks off Vaxholm, near Stockholm. According to initial surveys, at least one of these should be Vasa's sister ship. The Vasa is a large Swedish vessel sunk on the day of its launch, 10 August 1628. Recovered in 1961 and exhibited in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, it is considered the best preserved 17th century warship in the world. "When we went deep we saw a huge wall in front of us, it was crazy," says Jim Hansson, one of the archaeologists who participated in the mission, talking about the first visual impact with one of the wrecks. At the moment the transport of surface vessels is not planned. The particular composition of the waters of the Baltic Sea in which they sank, allowed their good conservation.

edited by Mario Di Ciommo

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