Suso: "I suffer from pubalgia, but soon you will see the best Suso. Tifo Milan and I will give everything"


The Spanish Suso, among the most criticized Rossoneri in this first part of the season, he gave a long interview to Sportweek, weekly of the Gazzetta dello Sport. The 25 year-old external analyzed the gray and personal moment of the team.

"We know we have to give more for Milan, for its history and for its fans. We are going through a negative moment, we are aware of it but we work hard every day to try to get out of it. We are Milan and mediocrity in a club like "This cannot be accepted. I am the first not to be satisfied with my performance, but it is not a question of pressure or criticism. The fans have the right to criticize. I wrote it on Instagram after the Spal: a goal does not change the "History. It does not erase the whistles, deserved, or the criticisms, right. It is a moment in which I cannot express myself at my levels but I am sure that you will soon see the best Suso again. Trust".

As mentioned, Suso is among the players most criticized by the fans: "I think that the strong players have to take responsibility, those from which people expect them to make the difference, more and better than others. For me there is no problem. If they ask me:" do you want to take responsibility? ", I reply yes, I think I did very well even in difficult situations of the team, but I repeat: I know that these first days of the championship were not positive either for me or for the whole Milan ".

In recent years, the rossonero game he often leaned on the Spanish: "Each team has its strong point, it has different characteristics from the others. If Milan hangs more to the right, as I hear, I haven't decided. Pressures? The more you grow, the stronger you become, and the more pressure and responsibility. I don't think it's a bad thing, on the contrary: if the coach and the team rely on you, it means you're doing your job well ".

The feeling is that Suso has not yet done the breakthrough: "There is no point at which one can say: I have arrived. You can always improve. Sometimes it depends on the vintage. It is also true that in recent times we have had company changes that have affected our minds, but now with Elliott we are So I am sure we can do well: we have all the features to do it. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of time, even if there is never one in the big teams, but we're on the right track and with the new coach things will get better ".

"We are a young group, aware of having to grow up. People have behaved very well so far. Demonstrating a lot of patience. Last year we came to a point from the Champions League, we can't say we did wrong. This season we started badly "But there is time to recover. I really like staying here. I could have left for two years in a row, and I didn't. I stayed here because I wanted to. I cost zero, to have cost anything, I think." that my performance at Milan was good. So if you ask me if I'm happy with what I've given, I'll answer: yes, very much. "

Still, the fans are still not satisfied with his yield: "The fact is that I don't have to prove anything. If a footballer is not criticized it is because he does not expect anything from him. Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticized, Messi is criticized when playing in Argentina. If I must say that I like to be criticized, I say no, no one likes it, but it is something that exists in football. I just don't understand those at the stadium insulting, it's not fair to offend those who are doing their job, but I realize that those who pay the ticket can say what they want "The whistles and the insults don't dismantle me. I work with my head to stay focused on the game. I keep trying my plays, because, if I don't try them, they will never succeed. But, if only one succeeds, it's a goal or an assist ".

The famous one "tile" di Suso has perhaps become its limit. But the Iberian striker does not agree: "Up until the first league match, in Udine, I could play as a midfielder for everyone. They said that Giampaolo had transformed me, that I was proving I could do that role. Then it took a bad game, a defeat, and it all came down. "Ah, I don't know. It must have been for tactical or psychological reasons. But not for me. In that position, at the center behind the points, I can stand. Obviously I like more staying on the right, but I have no problem to play inside the field ".

There are those who accuse him of playing only with the left: "And the right-footed cross for Calhanoglu against Brescia, after coming all the way to the field instead of coming back? And the goal in the derby three years ago, with double dribbling on Miranda in the area and right-footed on the far post? if I can free myself and kick with the left, why do I have to go to the right? ".

Usually, after i first two to three months in season, Suso's performance drops drastically: "Because in November-December I start to suffer from pubalgia. This year I began to feel bad about the adductor already in September, against Lazio I did not play for the same reason. It is a problem that occurs to me every year and that I do not you can solve ".

THE fans continue to follow the team, but obviously they are starting to be fed up: "I say to the fans to continue to be patient, supporting the team. I know it is not easy, but we will be able to reverse the trend. I ask them to trust me. I play in Milan and I support Milan. Until the last day I will give everything" .



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