Survey-quality of 5 thousand Tesla Model 3


Investigation-quality on almost 5 thousand Model 3. The financial agency created it Bloomberg (here the article). Finding a clear improvement on the reliability of the smaller Tesla. With a collapse of complaints compared to the first units produced since 2017.

Survey-quality: first specimens with many flaws

The bet for the company of Elon Musk it was not easy: to move from niche brand to manufacturers with large volumes. With a great unknown on the quality of the product, given that the processing techniques are also revolutionary. In these three years all over the world have sold 350 thousand Tesla Model 3. And the inexperience of the initial phase, with un worrying number of defects, it is now leaving the field at a good level of quality.

survey-qualityBloomberg did a scientific job, following with a survey of 164 questions already the first buyers of Model 3, the so-called early adopters. The answers have generated such a huge amount of material to fill …the first 4 Harry Potter books. The material collected was divided into four sections. The first concerns the machine itself, with questions about reliability, performance, design and functionality of the controls. With the request to divide the defects between important and minor. IS the response is very encouraging: compared to the first units produced, the complaints are reduced to almost half.

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Survey-quality / Now drastic drop in reports

In the first copies produced the complaints concerned above all smudges in the paintwork, misaligned interior panels. And, in some cases, some mechanical problems. All flaws that critics used to argue that Tesla would never have achieved the quality of historic brands. And in fact the first survey by Bloomberg recorded 80 reports for every 100 machines sold. In February 2019 it was even at 101.

Model 3 Tesla But the lesson is served: at the Fremont factory we worked not only to increase production, but also to eliminate defects. And in the third quarter of this year reports they fell by 44% compared to the same period of 2018. Going down to the minimum of 35 for every 100 cars in September. The critical points are always the same and concern above all the exterior of the car. 12% of buyers complain about the poor quality of the painting, with scratches and small dents, in addition to the usual panels. Moreover defects reported also from the Italian buyers we interviewed in the video below, turned to Tesla Club Italy. Some then complain of a certain misalignment of the rear trunk. But the overall improvement is evident and constant.

Our video with 10 interviews

OUR OPINION. It has always been widely believed that when a new model comes out, it is better to wait some time to buy it. Leaving the builder time to eliminate the inevitable initial defects. The Bloomberg report confirms that for Tesla, a brand that had never faced an assembly line with hundreds of thousands of models a year.

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