SURVEY – Abolition of summer time: favorable or contrary?


The Italian government, through the "position paper" filed a Brussels last June, he made known the reasons that led to the rejection of the abolition of summer time. Between "lack of an impact assessment", economic damage and possible chaos, theItaly opposed farewell to the exchange rate now set for 2021.

Express your preference in the our survey, say yours on the issue that will be discussed in the coming months between Parliament and the European Commission.

This "Survey" is not intended to be a scientific survey. Delivered from the Playbuzz platform, it is created for the sole purpose of entertaining and involving Virgilio Notizie users in expressing an opinion in absolute freedom and without marketing purposes on current issues. The survey is open to all users, without registration or request for personal data. Each user can vote only once.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 18-11-2019 10:41


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