"Supermario" Draghi al Colle? Salvini opens and displaces allies


Two words were enough, "why not?", In Italian "why not?", To displace the center-right allies of the League. And in particular the Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni.

Matteo Salvini delivered them during the "Fuori dal coro" program, answering a question from Mario Giordano about the possibility of voting for the now ex-ECB governor Mario Draghi as Sergio Mattarella's successor at the Quirinale, when the latter has exhausted the his mandate, in 2022.

A somewhat surprising move, that of Salvini, also because Draghi, in the last period of his term in Frankfurt, on several occasions had not shown himself tender towards the policies implemented by the Italian "populists" at the time of the yellow-green government.

But the words of the Northern League leader could actually hide a double objective. That of completing the "moderate" turn taken in the last few weeks and made explicit by the stage of San Giovanni, with less "incendiary" words and the mending with Silvio Berlusconi. And to somehow reassure the current parliamentary majority composed of Pd and Cinquestelle, which aim to govern until 2022 also to prevent a sovereign president from rising on the Quirinal. By opening up to a guarantee figure like that of Draghi, Salvini seems to want to remove every alibi from the very quarrelsome current government partners.

His words, however, if on the one hand they can only satisfy Silvio Berlusconi, or the man who sponsored the election of Mario Draghi at the top of the ECB, displace Brothers of Italy. So much because the man from Frankfurt is considered by the ex-An one of the protagonists of that continental entourage that in recent years has "eterodiretto" Italian politics. But also because the Meloni party, with the support of its allies, has initiated in recent weeks a collection of signatures for the direct election of the President of the Republic.

So far there are no official comments on Salvini's words, but his allies do not hide perplexity when the microphones are off. And the same leader of the League does not seem to want to return soon on the subject: "Today we only talk about Ilva – he told the journalists who intercepted him near Montecitorio – we are just in November of 2019, after all we will talk later" .

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