Such and Which show, gaffe by Giorgio Panariello. Carlo Conti reproaches him: "But where were you until now?"


Double gaffe of Giorgio Panariello, then resumed live from Carlo Conti, Friday 9 November live on Rai 1 in the program Such and which Show. Halfway through the program, Panariello took the word and asked for applause in memory of Fred Bongusto. Forgetting that Conti at the beginning of the program had recalled the deceased artist. The presenter thus approached Panariello asking him: «But where were you so far? Obviously we remembered it at the beginning … "

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But it wasn't the only gaffe of the evening. To a question about where he had been during the commercial, the comedian replied: "I was smoking a cigarette". But the evening was dedicated to Airc fundraising for cancer research. Conti so reproaches him again and kindly replied to him: "You did well to say it, so we can remember that smoking hurts and donating money for research …".

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