Such and Which Show 2019, Antonio Mezzancella is the tournament champion


Antonio Mezzancella is the champion of "Such and Which Show". The champion won, in addition to a plaque, 30 thousand euros that he will donate to the Airc association. The final of the 2019 edition of Tale and Quali Show was also followed this year, on TV and on social media. The best of this edition arrived on the podium. With Antonio Mezzancella also Lidia Schillaci and Francesco Monte, named episode winner.

The final episode of Tale and Cosa Show

Thus, with the ninth appointment live from the television studios "Fabrizio Frizzi" in Rome, the variety by Carlo Conti decreed the winner of the champions' tournament. The title was contested among the 12 artists. With Antonio Mezzancella, Lidia Schillaci (among the most talented of this edition, her last week Edith Piaf) performed, Francesco Monte, Roberta Bonanno, Agostino Penna, Alessandra Drusian, Jessica Morlacchi, Giovanni Vernia, Davide de Marinis, Tiziana Rivale, Vladimir Luxuria and Massimo Di Cataldo. A special bet also on the judges' level. In addition to the three permanent jurors, Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme were joined, as exceptional judges, by Sergio Castellitto (absolute new entry) and a welcome return: Gigi Proietti.

The performances

Here are the imitations we saw tonight: the winner Antonio Mezzancella was Marco Mengoni, Agostino Penna was Andrew Bocelli, Francesco Monte won the episode interpreting John Legend, Davide de Marinis recalled Little Tony, Lidia Schillaci was fantastic Whitney Houston, Jessica Morlacchi was a great one Mariah Carey, Tiziana Rivale has interpreted Agnetha Faltskog of the Abba, Massimo Di Cataldo has become Johnny Dorelli, Giovanni Vernia has revived the genius of Prince, Roberta Bonanno has turned into Claudio Villa, Alessandra Drusian has imitated Marcella beautiful and Vladimir Luxuria brought on stage Alberto fitting rooms.

The final ranking

The final classification of Tale and Quale Show 2019, given by the sum of the votes of the three episodes of the Tournament, sees the victory of Antonio Mezzancella. The audience at home, even the one in the studio for the truth, was cheering for Lidia Schillaci, who came second.

1 Antonio Mezzancella

2 Lidia Schillaci

3 Francesco Monte

4 Jessica Morlacchi

5 Roberta Bonanno

6 Agostino Penna

7 Alessandra Drusian

8 Tiziana Rivale

9 Giovanni Vernia

10 Massimo Di Cataldo

12 Vladimir Luxuria / Davide De Marinis

The last appointment

On November 22nd for the tenth and final appointment with this edition there will be a special episode of “Tali e Quali”, which will see the best “non-professional” imitators on stage, chosen from among all those who have sent their videos to the site or to the editing of the program. The competition will see the performance of 12 "excellences" that, always live and in front of a super-jury, will fight with their imitations of famous singers to win the title of "Tali and Quali – Champion 2019".

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