Such and Which Friday November 8th Lidia Schillaci is Whitney Houston (video)


Lidia Schillaci

Tale e Quale Show Friday 8 November Lidia Schillaci sings I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston (video)

Despite an engaging and exciting Whitney Houston Lidia Schillaci stopped in second place both in the ranking of the episode of Friday 8 November and in the general classification of Such and Which Show, the program conducted by Carlo Conti.

In front of Gigi Proietti and Sergio Castellitto who joined Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello Lidia Schillaci performed with I Will Always Love You. Here is the complete video:

The Final Classification

  1. Antonio Mezzancella 248 p. (look here)
  2. Lidia Schillaci 202 p.
  3. Francesco Monte 201 p. (look here)
  4. Jessica Morlacchi 168 p. (look here)
  5. Roberta Bonanno 161 p.
  6. Agostino Penna 154 p. (look here)
  7. Alessandra Drusian 144 p.
  8. Tiziana Rivale 139 p.
  9. Giovanni Vernia 134 p.
  10. Massimo Di Cataldo 107 p.
  11. Davide De Marinis and Vladimir Luxuria 105 p.

The Ranking of Friday 8 November

  1. Francesco Monte 79 p.
  2. Lidia Schillaci 77 p
  3. Antonio Mezzancella 76 p
  4. Jessica Morlacchi 71 p
  5. Tiziana Rivale 69 p
  6. Giovanni Vernia 57 p
  7. Massimo Di Cataldo 55 p
  8. Roberta Bonanno 50 p
  9. Agostino Penna 44 p
  10. Vladimir Luxuria 42 p
  11. Alessandra Drusian 40 p
  12. Davide De Marinis 30 p

The Imitations of Friday 8 November

But what were the 12 competitors in the final?

Agostino Penna was Andrea Bocelli, Francesco Monte John Legend, Davide de Marinis was Little Tony, Lidia Schillaci Whitney Houston, Jessica Morlacchi Mariah Carey, Tiziana Rivale Agnetha Faltskog of Abba, Antonio Mezzancella Marco Mengoni, Massimo Di Cataldo was Johnny Dorelli, Giovanni Vernia Prince, Roberta Bonanno Claudio Villa, Alessandra Drusian Marcella Bella and Vladimir Luxuria Alberto Camerini.

When does this and what return?

The 22 November tenth and final appointment of Tale and Quali with one special episode of "Tali e Quali", which will see on stage the best "non-professional" imitators, chosen from among all those who have sent their videos to the site or to the editing of the program. 12 "excellences" will perform which, always live and in front of a super-jury, will fight with their imitations of famous singers to win the title of "Tali and Quali – Champion 2019".

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