Strong earthquake on the border between Abruzzo and Ciociaria. Fear even in the frusinate and south of Rome


A strong earthquake with an epicenter of 4.4. and 4.9 (source INGV) was at 18.35 today, Thursday 7 November, on the border with the national park of Abruzzo and the Ciociaria. The quake with epicenter a Balsorano (Aq) at a depth of 14 km it felt distinctly even in the frusinate above all in the sorano and in the cassinate where in several towns the people took to the streets.

The same shock was also felt in the southern province of Rome up to the Lepini Mountains and in the capital itself. This morning we told you about the other shock of less intensity that had always been in the same area between the two regions.

The words of the mayor of Sora De Donatis

"After a quick consultation with the Mayor colleagues in the area in which the shock of a few minutes ago was sensibly intense, it was decided to issue the ordinances of territorial jurisdiction for the closure of schools of every order and grade for tomorrow November 8. The formal ritual communications will follow. In the meantime, to safeguard a prompt and timely communication of all information, we open the COC. Follow us on the information channels of the municipality for any further information ".

The new shock

At 18.47 a new shock was recorded with intensity around 2.2 with epicenter in Pescosolido in Ciociaria, not far from Balsorano.

The interruption of the railway lines

Following the earthquake that affected the area between Abruzzo and Lazio:

– AV Rome-Naples the trains already traveling proceed with speed limitation. The other trains run along the alternative route via Formia.

– the traffic on the Sulmona – Avezzano, Roccasecca – Avezzano and FL6 Roma-Cassino lines between Ceprano and Cassino, is suspended, as a precaution, to allow verification of the state of the infrastructure

In Cassino schools closed on Friday 8 November

Following the earthquake shock at 6.35 pm equal to 4.8 degrees, I issued the ordinance to close schools of every order and grade, including public and private kindergartens, for tomorrow November 8th in order to proceed with the verification of structural elements.

These are the words of the mayor Enzo Salera

Schools also closed in Frosinone, Sora, Boville Ernica, Paliano, Anagni, Ferentino, Villa Santa Lucia, Piedimonte San Germano, Fiuggi, Pescosolido, Pontecorvo, Coreno, San Giorgio a Liri, Casalavieri, Monte San Giovanni, Posta Fibreno, San Vittore, Alatri and Ripi where the mayors have issued an order to close all public and private schools.

Schools closed in Frosinone

The mayor of Frosinone, Nicola Ottaviani, has ordered the closure, as a precaution, of all schools of all levels, for the day of Friday 8 November 2019, in order to carry out checks and inspections, following the event telluric occurred in the late afternoon today. The closure was opportune, also as a result of the meteorological forecast that indicates strong atmospheric precipitations on Friday morning, such as to generate concomitant critical issues also to road traffic.

Situation in Anagni

The inspections of the municipal technicians continue, of the Civil Protection – Anagni Radiosoccorso and of the National Carabinieri Association in the schools of the city to ascertain the presence of possible damages following the earthquake of today. The mayor Daniele Natalia, in telephone contact with the councilor Ambrosetti and the authorities in charge has however decided to issue a closing order for the schools of every order and grade for tomorrow 08/11/2019 for precautionary purposes.

Councilor Ambrosetti explains: "The inspections continue but, since we cannot foresee the recurrence in the night of possible seismic phenomena, together with the mayor we have decided to issue a closing order to avoid problems for citizenship by tomorrow, when, from an organizational point of view and logistic, with the pupils already at school, it would be more difficult to proceed with the issuing of an ordinance, specifying, however, that no structural damage to the buildings was found ".

Above is a photo of Massimo di Ruscio of a large boulder that fell in the middle of the road in Sora.


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