Storm in the night on Genoa, flooding and blackouts. But the schools are all open


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Genova. Flooded streets, small landslides, patchy blackout. Are the effects of violent storm with rain and lightning that hit Genoa and its surroundings between 11pm and 1am during the orange weather alert. A short storm which, however, did not have particularly serious effects on waterways and traffic. So much so that at dawn the decision of the COC is to keep all city schools open regularly.


The biggest problems are registered in Valpolcevera. Rivers on the streets in Fegino, Rivarolo and Bolzaneto. Under water, as usual, the San Quirico railway underpass. New landslide in the locality Santa Marta, in via Bartolomeo Parodi to Ceranesi: firefighters intervened, now the road is passable.

The most serious situation in via Carnia in Rivarolo, where the president of the municipality Federico Romeo he denounced the situation on Facebook attacking Tursi: “The sewer does not hold water, we had already reported it countless times. I have no volunteers or means to intervene. I'm really pissed off tonight, the management has to go back to the municipalities ". Later, 8 volunteers from the municipal civil defense arrived and worked all night to clear the road.

"We're talking about a parking lot, 40 meters away. It's a ridiculous controversy. His first call came at midnight and 13 minutes, after 40 minutes there were already volunteers and Amiu staff. Let's talk about two fingers of water and mud on a secondary road. Romeo perhaps should go and rest, "the counselor replied Sergio Gambino, delegate for civil protection.

The underpass of Multedo, then released. Discomforts in highway on the A7 and on the A10 for widespread flooding. Due to the orange alert, the gallery Pizzo between Vesima and Arenzano, as well as the underpass of via Tea Benedetti under the bridge of Cornigliano, towards via della Superba and via Guido Rossa.


From the weather point of view, it was once again a V-Shaped storm, with the typical shape caused by the convergence of Scirocco and Tramontana that poured high quantities of rain between Sampierdarena and Sestri Ponente. On Mount Gazzo the daily cumulation has reached 117 millimeters. The storm then hit the Ligurian Levant, without creating any particular problems.

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