Stock Market Recommendations, today's Buy from Anima Holding to Unipol



Fidentiis currency buy:

Brembo with target price of 11.50 / 12.50 euros after the quarterly and the confirmation of the guidance for the current year, Buzzi Unicem with target price of 24/25 euros after a better quarterly estimate and improvement of the guidance, Bper with target price of 5 / 5.25 euros (quarterly results in line with estimates), Credem with target of 8 / 8.50 euros after the quarterly, DoValue with target of 13/15 euros, also in this case in the wake of the quarterly, Italgas with fair value of 6.10 / 6.30 euros in the wake of the quarterly duffusa yesterday, Telecom Italia with target of 0.95 / 1 euro after the quarterly and the signing of a partnership agreement with Santander on consumer credit in Italy.

Equita judges buy:

Atlantia with target of € 25.80 (although according to rumors it prints the negotiating table between the government and ASPI there would be no progress), Avio with target of 16.80 euros (results for the first nine months consistent with the guidance), Banca IFIS with fair value of € 16.90 after the quarterly, BPER Banca with target of 5.10 euros (quarterly results above expectations thanks to the greater contribution of Unipol Banca to group revenues), Buzzi Unicem with target of 26 euros after the quarterly, Coima Res with fair value of 9.90 euros in the wake of the timestral, Creval with target of 0.08 euros (challenging market environment on the interest margin, but positive indications from capital, derisking and costs), De ’Longhi with target of 20.40 euros after the third quarter results, DoValue with fair value of 13.40 euros in the wake of the results of the third quarter, Eni with target of 17 euros after that Equinor revealed on Wednesday that it had discovered oil and gas in the exploration well Echino South, which is located near the camp of Fram in the North Sea, Inwit with target of 10.50 euros after the quarterly, Iren with target of 3.15 euros in the wake of quarterly results, Italmobiliare with target of 29.50 euros (continues the strong growth of Bourbon Coffee and the sale of listed assets), Leonardo with target of 12.50 euros (third best quarter of estimates), Telecom Italia with target of 0.62 euros in the wake of the enhancement of cloud activities and agreement with Santander in consumer credit, Unipol with target of 5,90 euror after the quarterly.

Banca Akros judges buy:

Soul with target of 4.70 euros in view of the quarterly calendar today, doValue with target of 13.90 euros in view of the 2019-2022 business that will be presented today, Gamenet with fair value of 14 euros, however reduced by the previous 16 euros in view of the quarterly scheduled for November 14, The sun 24 hours with target of 0.80 euros in view of the quarterly calendar scheduled for November 14, Iren with target of 2.90 euros after the quarterly, Leonardo with target of € 15.50, Saipem with target of 6.40 euros (obtaining a 100 million euro contract in Guinea), Telecom Italia with target of 0.77 euros, Unicredit with target price of 13.80 euros in the wake of the quarterly and confirmation of guidance.

Judgement accumulated also for Atlantia with target of 25 euros (today the quarterly), Interpump with target of 34.30 euros (today the quarterly), Banca IFIS with target of 19.90 euros after quarterly results, Buzzi Unicem with target of 25 euros after the quarterly, Igd with fair value of 9.50 euros after the quarterly, Mediaset with fair value of 3.40 euros (rumors on the possibility that Vivendi is ready to sell the stake in Mediaset) is Rcs MediaGroup with target of 1.32 euros (today the quarterly).

Mediobanca assigns an outperform to:

Acea with target price of 19.50 euros (signed a network contract baptized Aires, Environment, innovation, research, energy, development, which aims to push the circular economy), Atlantia with target price of € 25.80 (despite the public inquiry in France concerning the expansion of terminal 2 of Nice airport), CNH Industrial with fair value of € 18.80 after the announcement of a buy-back of 700 mon dollars, ENAV with target of € 5.30 in view of the quarterly calendar scheduled for November 13, It is in the with target of 6.70 euros after the quarterly results of Enel Chile, Fincantieri with target of 1.70 euros after the quarterly, Mondadori with fair value of 2.24 euros (quarterly scheduled for November 13), Italian post with target of 12 euros after the results of the third quarter e Prysmian with target of 22.50 euros after the quarterly.

Midcap Partners evaluates buy:

Unieuro with target price of € 15.50 (title cover start) e Reno De 'Medici with target of 0.93 euros after the results of the first nine months of the current year.

Citigroup evaluates buy:

Banco Bpm with fair value of 2.25 euros in the wake of the quarterly e Unicredit with target of 13.80 euros.

Hsbc judges buy:

Amplifon with target price of 27 euros (start title coverage).

Jefferies assigns a buy to:

Unicredit with target of 14 euros.

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