Still vandals on the grave of the osimano policeman who died under the avalanche in Rigopiano


There is no peace for the tomb of Dino Di Michelangelo, an osimano policeman who died with Marina Serraiocco in the avalanche killer of Rigopiano on January 18, 2017. It is Dino's brother to denounce on Facebook: «There are people who should not be called such. But even comparing them to animals would be wrong.

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Rigopiano, a year later: January 18, 2017, the tragedy killed 29 people

And these people didn't keep their hands or even their heart. Because that heart has moved and fallen into the garbage ». The outburst continues. "Meanwhile, a mother has been crying continuously since this morning. And there is no reason for similar gestures. Only wickedness ». Apparently they scribbled a ticket supposedly written by Dino's family because in the past someone had stolen from the grave some objects left in his memory. Meanwhile, regarding Rigopiano, the lawyer Romolo Reboa who, together with the lawyers Gabriele Germano, Massimo Reboa, Silvia Rodaro, Maurizio Sangermano and Roberta Verginelli assists the families of four victims of the tragedy of the Hotel Rigopiano di Farindola, announces the announcement that "upset the families of the victims after an auction of fine wine bottles that were in the hotel and that were saved from the avalanche was held in Pescara on 30 October". Bottles "put up for sale by the bankruptcy trustee, while it is not known who will make the gruesome toast at the auction price of 1,800 euros".


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