Stefano Bonaccini embarrassed by his Pd: on social networks symbols disappear


Seeing it this way, with that grizzled beard halfway between Lenin and Lincoln, a shaved head, an ex-lifeguard physicist on the foreshore and a tough-looking gaze framed by thin-eyed eyewear, Stefano Bonaccini looks like a portrait of security, man who must never ask, to quote an old TV commercial. And instead, terrified by the idea of ​​losing the electoral challenge in Emilia-Romagna against the Northern League's Lucia Borgonzoni, in recent days Governor Dem has begun to distance himself from everything he is doing and saying his party, the Democratic Party.

Bonaccini no longer has the certainties of the past. Suddenly he no longer considers a priority the ius soli raised by his boss Zingaretti, he set aside the strenuous defense of mass immigration, not a word about red cooperatives, he fights against the tax on plastics strongly desired by the "comrades", gabelle that would inflict a severe blow to the regional economy. Yesterday then the Democratic governor returned to talk about the Bibbiano scandal, arguing, unlike what he did a couple of weeks ago by the technical commission he named, that it was not a simple "cold", and that for any culprits demand exemplary punishments.

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We sincerely hope so too. Bonaccini, however, was keen to point out: "Under investigation there are people who have a name and a surname, and facts, very serious if confirmed, very detailed, not the Region. That, indeed, it will constitute a civil party for the protection of all children ".

By now, more for convenience than for real conviction – it certainly does not take a fine political scientist to understand it – Bonaccini denies his own party to such an extent that he has removed all traces of it from his site and social media profiles. Don't believe it? It is enough to take a look at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: on hundreds of photos we have found only one where the symbol of the Democratic Party appears.

It is dated October 20, 2019, the frame is that of the Festa del Unita of Bagnolo, in the Reggio Emilia region – where not being immortalized among the flags of the Democratic Party would have been a titanic undertaking – and judging by the quality, we doubt whether it was taken one of his staff. Someone, obviously, forgot to remove it from the page: we imagine that Bonaccini was not aware of it and therefore we foresee a pull of ears for the person in charge. But so it is.

The Bruce Willis of Campogalliano, nickname given to him by Renzi during the 2014 electoral campaign, from now until January 26 hopes to be able to free himself from the party as much as possible, simulating a civility that does not belong to him at all, being born and raised always in the ranks of the left-wing alignments. But times require this. More than in Zingaretti, Boccia and the rest of the tragicomic Combriccola Dem who sits in the government, Bonaccini is increasingly relying on the "sardine" youngsters, to counter Salvini's media power and change the narrative of his own nomination. "Sardine" which, as it happens, during the demonstrations do not expose the banners of the Pd despite being very close – someone claims remote-controlled – from the Emilia-Romagna Pd. Mattia Santori, we remember, the young Bolognese founder of this bizarre movement and highly sought after by progressive talkshows, is among the editors of the magazine "Energia", very close to the left. "There is a need for people who do not resign themselves to the victory of the League", the outgoing governor has been repeating for days to praise the "sardine" performances, so democratic that among them there are those who publicly invoke the murder of Salvini.

In short: Bonaccini disregards the Democratic Party. And therefore, we do not see how it could be otherwise, it will also do the same with the Five Stars – which has long courted and longed – in case of their support. In spite of consistency.

of Alessandro Gonzato

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