"Staying with Bayern? I think it's possible"


In a long interview with the official website of the Bayern Monaco, Ivan Perisic back to talking about his future. The Croatian was sold by Inter on loan to the German club, which could redeem him at the end of the season like recently declared by Rummenigge.

Bayern is traditionally a club that players do not abandon quickly. Rummenigge said it could happen with you too

"I also think it's possible. So far it's all positive in Monaco, both sportingly and privately. For now I'm on loan for a year. There is the purchase option. I simply go step by step, day by day. Then we see".

How has the Bundesliga changed in these four years you have been at Inter?

"I think the level of the Bundes is superior, better than four years ago. Here there are many strong players, the pace has risen, the stadiums are always full. I underestimated? Unfortunately, I never had a good relationship with the media. Because I don't like seeing myself every day in the newspapers. It's not for me".

Once you said you were often overlooked. Is your motivation to show it to everyone?

"Unfortunately I never had a particularly good relationship with the media. Because I don't like seeing my face in the newspaper every day. When I arrived in Bavaria, I was told: he is already 30 and certainly not the freshest. But I don't care. The soccer field is the only place where I give my answers. It only counts there".

A Champions League final with Bayern Munich?

"I would not mind. For me it would definitely be a dream to go a long way in the Champions League. I have been to two world championships, a European championship – but this step in the Champions League, I still miss this experience. When I made my debut in 2011 with Dortmund, I immediately met Arsenal, but so far I've always been in the preliminary round. Now I can go further with Bayern. I'm ready".


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