Stadia: the many prototypes of the Google controller revealed


Google Stadia will arrive soon and we will need its controller to play: now, the company explains the details about the birth of the controller.

Google Stadia is getting closer and closer: November 19, 2019 the shipments of the bundle we have pre-ordered will start (Founder’s Edition or Premier Edition). This package includes the fundamental hardware component to be able to play the service directly on TV, namely the Chromecast Ultra and it Stadia Controller. The latter is visually very similar to the controllers we are used to using on PlayStation 4 and, especially, Xbox One.

At the same time, the Stadia Controller does not lack some exclusive features, such as a dedicated Google Assistant button and the ability to connect to the server directly via wi-fi. A bit classic, a bit innovative, therefore. Obviously, it took time and many attempts to arrive at this specific design: what is the story behind this "journey"? IGN USA tells us in a video, which you can see below.

Google claims to have created hundreds of prototypes, which at times varied only by the position of a few keys: sometimes they were analogue, others directional buttons, other times the positioning of ABXY. One of the most important elements to decide was where to place the Stadia button. Moreover, as we can hear in the video, Google's goal was to create the "most comfortable controller ever", but honestly we consider it quite obvious.

As for the visual design, various color combinations have been tried, up to the proposed ones (Night Blue for the Founder’s Edition, Clear White as the base controller). The important era give it a "human" look and give an idea of ​​"optimism". We will be able to know if the objectives have been reached only in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we can start downloading the app in Stadia's Android version, all the details at this address. Tell us, what do you think of the new platform of the Mountain View giant? Do you believe it will be a success, or do you think it's still too early for streaming?

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