SSD on the canceled penalty: "A practice cannot reset a rule" – News on the U.S. Lecce


The president of Lecce, Saverio Sticchi Damiani, spoke in the post game against the Lazio.

This is his thought collected by our correspondent at the ‘stadiumOlympic', Pierpaolo Verri: "It was a spectacular match between two teams that played football, we are a newly promoted player who tries in all fields not to close and to play we did 18 shots and it is an important signal against a very strong team".

Number one yellow Red explains: "I only speak because boys and coach were regretful. In particular there is the situation of the non-repetition of the penalty kick that we have not understood. In that case the referee seems to have seen other players over Lapadula".

Sticchi Damiani enters the detail: "Rule 14, lett. C of football is clear. In the event that players from the two teams enter the area, the penalty repeats. There is no room for interpretation. Lapadula enters the area only with the body while those of Lazio are inside. I'm not talking about Calderoni's rigor, they are free events to the interpretation, here there is a rule of the football game that has not been applied. The rule is very clear, it is not a case in which the thing can be seen in one way or another. The penalty kick had to be repeated, they told me that there is a recently introduced practice, but if there are practices that change the rules we need to let us know and maybe change the rules. Also out of respect for the 4 thousand fans who have come here and to whom we must explain something".

The Giallorossi president closes: "Lazio gave me an extraordinary impression, a very strong team that made itself dangerous when it attacked. The episode of the penalty was decisive, if we had passed at 2-2 anything could happen".


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