Spogliatoio Napoli, this is who led the Naples uprising


In the evening of Tuesday, after the match of Champions League against the Salzburg, a real bomb exploded inside the locker room of the Naples. The team, in the locker room of the St. Paul, would seem to have given vent to the feelings that have long been smoldering towards society. An outburst that could have created a difficult point of rupture and no return.

The reconstruction

But what really happened in those excited moments? Today's issue of this question has tried to answer this question Gazzetta dello Sport. Everything would seem to have started when Edo De Laurentiis, vice president of the Italian team, announced in the blue locker room that the withdrawal would continue. The reaction of the "senators" was not long in coming. Lorenzo Insigne he made his voice about the feelings and ideas of the entire team. Then, they were added Mertens is Callejon which would seem to have pushed the rest of the team towards such a decision. And finally, there is Allan that would seem to have been the hardest of all so much to attack almost the young De Laurentiis, helped by the presence of Ancelotti is Guintoli.

The motivations

But why such a reaction? Also to this question, today's edition of Gazzetta dello Sport he tried to explain. The captain felt himself goaded by the president's statements in recent days. Same fate for Mertens is Callejon defined almost as mercenaries. While for Allan, the motivation is linked to the past, precisely when the PSG is on its tracks, because the Brazilian feels that there is something that has been hidden from him.

The reaction

What happened in the locker rooms of the St. Paul it will certainly not go unnoticed. All parties involved are preparing to take legal action. The company will ask for economic and image damage while the players are ready to play it all on injurious and injurious sentences that seem to have been pronounced.

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