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In the press review of this weekend, which includes the days of 9 and 10 November 2019, the topics covered are many and specifically the collecting of coins and telephone cards, Rai fee, citizenship income, pensions, scrapping ter, car tax, executive verification and telephone cards. All the weekend news.

Basic income

Can I buy bed by installments?

The government website has published the list of things that can be bought with the citizenship income card and what, on the other hand, it is absolutely forbidden to buy. Let's see specifically if it is possible to buy a new bed for an invalid and if it is then possible to pay in installments.

To learn more: Citizenship income: can you buy a bed in installments?

Lower disbursed amount

Many of our readers have noticed that the income of citizenship disbursed in October was of a lower amount than that of the previous months without understanding the reason. It is not, as many have thought, the 20% curtailment of the unspent for which the INPS is awaiting the implementation decree from the Ministry. But then why were the amounts, in some cases, much lower?

To learn more: Citizenship income: why has the amount disbursed decreased?

Special pensions

How to reach 20 years of contributions

There is a pension fund designed specifically for those who deal with family care without pay and allows, against monthly payments, to be able to receive a pension at the age of 65, independent of the pension amount or 57 if the the amount disbursed is equal to 1.2 times the minimum INPS. But beware it is a detached and independent fund from the AGO. To learn more: Old age pension: is it possible to reach 20 years of contributions by paying in the housewives fund?

Pension at 62 years

Still in the pension field, perhaps the topic on which we receive the greatest number of questions from our readers. This time we will investigate what are the retirement opportunities at 62 years of age, in addition of course the 100 share that requires at least a minimum age of 62 to access. To learn more: Retirement at 62: what are the possibilities shortly?

Car tax

As every year end, the Regions send motorists the notice of verification of unpaid car tax within three years ago. This year is certainly no exception, we remind you that for January 1, 2020 the car tax due for 2016 is statute-barred. Falling with the statute of limitations means that after 3 years from the deadline without having received any notification, the stamp is no longer due. If instead the Region sends the assessment in due time, and for the 2016 stamp by the end of this year, this is still due.

To read everything: Car tax: the end-of-year 2019 checks arrive

Executive assessment

With the 2020 tax decree, the time required for the checks and the related car tax stamps, Imu and Tari, also change. For these payments not made, in fact, you will no longer receive a tax notice but the assessment notified by the Municipality or Region will be immediately enforceable. Local authorities, therefore, from January 1, 2020 will acquire powers that until now had only been of the Revenue Agency.

To learn more: Car tax, Tari and IMU: from 2020, an executive assessment to be paid within 60 days


Ancient coins

There are always so many readers who write to us to know the value of their coins or banknotes and to get information on how to sell them or how to get in touch with collectors. Our advice always is to contact the nearest numismatic shop, where you can find expert and trained staff who will be able not only to give a careful and precise evaluation of rare and ancient coins but which can also give precise indications of how to sell these coins.

To learn more: Sell rare and old coins: numismatic shops in Milan

Telephone cards

We are talking about those phone cards or cards, as you want to call them that were used once in the phones that we found on the street, they are very rare and can be from a collection, they can be worth up to 10 thousand euros especially if they still contain a credit inside .

To know more. Rare telephone cards: they are collectable and can be worth much

Scrapping ter

The deadline for scrapping the folders is scheduled for December 2, but this will be postponed to December 9th. In fact, calculating the 5 days of tolerance, within which the forfeiture does not take place and the interests are not due, expire on December 7th. But since it falls on a Saturday it slips again to December 9th. Then the time in which the tax payer can come into compliance with the sums due for the scrapping ter and for the balance and write-off is extended.

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Resumption after resignation

What happens if a teacher who resigns then thinks again? How does the resumption work in the school sector? We see the interesting case of one of our readers who, after submitting his resignation to assist his mother with 104, has now rethought us and would like to get his job back at school. What does the legislation say about it?

To read all: Resumption in school teacher after resignation: what to do?

Rai Canon

For the Rai Canon, all Italians hope it will be enabled, but unfortunately this is still a long way off. But there are cases where you can take advantage of the exemptions if you have specific requirements and unfortunately paid twice. To request the fee paid, you must have documented reasons. Currently the fee is paid automatically on the electricity supply bill, while once it was made through a special bulletin, so that the payment of the Rai fee was carried out specifically. Instead, it can happen now, that the payment happens automatically so an error can happen and charge it even to those who don't have to pay it. So you have to apply for a refund. To submit a refund request is not a complicated procedure, let's see how to proceed below.

To learn more about laws: Rai license: you can get the refund, procedure and form

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