"Soriano to evaluate. Here is who takes the penalties"


The derby will take place tomorrow night Sassuolo-Bologna, the deputies of Mihajlovic De Leo is Tanjga talk about it in conference: "They are two teams that should have raised something more, they are well organized, both need points. The Sassuolo has been set up well in the summer and is going ahead with consistency. We will try to do our best in a derby, for sure it feels the pressure for lost points ".

To evaluate Soriano: "Tabby has a bruise remedied in Cagliari, we will evaluate today after finishing ".

Penalty Taker surprisingly, for now they took turns Samson is Santander: "We have many players who train and during the race decide for themselves who wants to pull it."

On Ursu: "The most talented players are the most exposed ones. Bear never pulls back in his daily work. Is his foot weak? We don't think there is only one aspect to work on and improve. We can give him better tactical solutions besides working on the technique of the foot "It is obvious that you see the swings in your game but it applies to all young people. Against Inter you did not perform well, played too wide and was not very concrete: you should play more vertically."

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