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Already for days Sergio Mattarella, with the usual institutional grace and the usual discretion, had started pressing the government. But yesterday, after the flop of the meeting with ArcelorMittal, fell openly in the field summoning Giuseppe Conte to the Quirinale. The head of state with the prime minister did not say anything: "I am very worried about the fate of the former Ilva.

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Italy and industry / Now it is urgent to stop the divestment of the country – by P. Balduzzi
Ilva, nationalization hypothesis. M5s at the showdown

It is not up to me to give indications on how to resolve the issue, but I ask the executive to act as quickly as possible to find a quick and positive solution to this corporate crisis, such as those of Alitalia and Whirlpool ». This is because, for Mattarella, "work, employment, is the priority and most important issue for the country".

With this meeting Mattarella wanted to send the signal, especially to the 5Stelle, which is not the case with joking with the fire. He looks at the general picture, including the issue of rebels in the Senate. And it would not be willing, in the event of a crisis, to give life to other governments. "If it falls Conte, you go to vote," confirm government sources.

The Prime Minister, of course, declared himself "completely in agreement", repeating what the Economy Minister, Roberto Gualtieri, has been saying for days: "The former Ilva establishments are a national strategic axis and I can guarantee that they will not close, the employment will be protected ». After all, the steel mills controlled by the French-Indian giant are the largest in Europe, worth 1.4% of the national GDP and employ 20,000 people, including employees and induced.

Given the warning of the Quirinale and given the importance of the game, the government, committed to finding unity despite the clash on the penal shield, has "only one imperative": "The steel plant will close. If you do not go ahead with ArcellorMittal, the company will return to the commissioners and a new tender will be made », guarantees a minister who has the dossier in hand. And nationalization is not ruled out either: "We are open to everything," announces minister De Paola De Micheli. And Conte confirms: "We are evaluating all the hypotheses, but I still await a proposal from Mr. Mittal".

Ex Ilva, Conte: "On the shield the government is compact". Patuanelli: no more than 5 thousand redundancies

The first step, the "main problem" for the government in view of the new meeting with the leaders of the Franco-Indian society, is to understand if ArcelorMittal "is willing to negotiate or if it will remain in unacceptable positions, continuing to demand 5,000 redundancies and a steel production of just 4 million tons per year, against the 8 million guaranteed in the contract with the plants in full operation », they explain to the Ministry of Economy. And they add: "So the real question is only one. Do they want to negotiate or do they just want to leave? In the second case it would be shown that ArcelorMittal's intent was only tactical ». "Eliminating a formidable competitor on the steel market", said the 5Stelle leader, Luigi Di Maio.

In this case the French-Indians "risk a billion-dollar condemnation", according to Economics technicians. "It would be the judicial battle of the century", the prime minister dares in the role of the lawyer: "It cannot be allowed to go away without respecting the contractual obligations". If, on the other hand, ArcelorMittal returns to the table to open negotiations, Conte and Gualtieri are willing to grant "something" in the face of redundancies and "a partial revision of the business plan". The position of the 5 Stars is much more rigid, with Di Maio and Development Minister Stefano Patuanelli left for the war against ArcelorMittal.

To trigger the barricaderi tones of Di Maio & C. is the question of the penal shield and a provision that postpones a year (not the 16 months requested by the company) to the norm of the blast furnace 2 of Taranto. Here Gualtieri, Nicola Zingaretti and Matteo Renzi (in agreement with the former party comrades) consider ArcelorMittal's request "legitimate". Especially since the commissioners also consider criminal protection "indispensable". Therefore Pd and Italia Viva do not admit the stop imposed on Wednesday by the 5 Stars. "Di Maio said he does not control the parliamentary groups and that therefore the shield cannot be made? We are sure, given that in this match also the government is at risk, that Luigi will be able to find a solution … », hisses another minister dem.

Instead the 5Stelle however still resist, deploying also the Guardasigilli, Alfonso Bonafede. But without too much conviction: "We have given the availability, it was the company that said that the theme is not the penal shield, but the impossibility of realizing the business plan". More complex is the game on the provision aimed at curbing the judicial authority of Taranto which could impose the blast furnace shut down in December 2. Even Patuanelli, exactly with Di Maio and Bonafede, does not want to hear reasons about this: «We cannot intervene in the courts , the separation of powers must be guaranteed ". "If the negotiations really start again, this grain will also be resolved," they guarantee to Palazzo Chigi.

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