Solinas has an idea to promote Sardinia: to build nuraghi around the world


"We want to keep this identity bond with immigrants and their families in Italy and abroad very strong through the highest expressions of culture and sport on the island: the nuraghe, our oldest home, the Cagliari Football and Dinamo Sassari ". Councilor of the Sardinia Region at Work, Professional Training, Cooperation and Social Security, Alessandra Zedda he has no doubts about it. The "Casa Sardegna" project, which he presented together with the President of the Region, Christian Solinas, will re-tie the threads with anyone who has left the island. You will strengthen the relationship with the land from which you have moved away.

A project that envisages, with the support of Cagliari and Dinamo, initiatives to consolidate "the sense of belonging of our emigrants through the history and successes of football and basketball". But it is sport it's just one of the attractors. The other, perhaps the most important, is the monument that represents Sardinia, its history. In short, the nuraghe. The councilor explained how this idea will materialize. It will come built a nuraghe "in the different artistic forms, on the part of the emigrants, whom we have identified as" missionaries of Sardinia ", in the cities where the 121" Sardinian circles "operate".

"Allowing us to build this symbol of ours also means bringing into the world an image of Sardinia linked not only to its well-known landscape potential, but also to its cultural aspects, of which we are proud heirs and carriers". President Solinas is proud of this project. Which, however, still preserves uncertainties. Moreover not insignificant. Starting from the dimensions and the material with which these works will be made, continuing with the locations they will have. And without counting the expenses. But in any case the idea of dolmen-ambassadors of Sardinian identity appears not exactly happy.

As he also pointed out Stefano Deliperi, president of the Group of Environmental Intervention Legal Group. "A good 121 nuraghi around the world, from Buenos Aires to Bergamo, from Arnhem to Piossasco. As if the Veneto Region had come to mind to disseminate the world of false Basilicas by Saint Mark or to the Puglia Region to fill the terrestrial sphere with Trulli fake, "wrote Deliperi. Yes, because that's the point. Make nuraghe similar to the real ones, elsewhere. Outside the island. With the aim of making them almost gods fetishes. In any case, "fakes". Which are not new.

In the province of Guangdong, in China, at the end of April 2012 the reconstruction of the Austrian alpine village of Hallstatt. With a church. It is, after all, what happened so many times in Venice, reproduced in Las Vegas, replicated to infinity from Macao to Brazil. Something similar occurred for the basilica of Saint Peter it was built just as it is in Ivory Coast and the Taj Mahal redone in Bangladesh. Palladio's Rotonda reconstructed by the Palestinian tycoon Al Masri in Nablus, in the Palestinian territories, and the same as in Vicenza.

"Photocopies" of the originals, built with certain purposes other than those that should lead to nuraghe where there are Sardinian circles. But as the cases mentioned, without value. Indeed carriers of dis-values. Other than identity! At this point all that remains is to wait. With the hope that other regions do not want to copy the initiative for their emigrants. The potpourri of symbol-monuments deprived of the context would cancel every identity. In short, an opposite result to what one would have liked to have achieved.


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