Solidarity race to adopt Giovannino, a child with a rare disease


A real solidarity contest was launched to obtain the custody or adoption of Giovannino, the 4-month-old child abandoned immediately after birth, when his parents discovered that he was suffering from a very rare skin disease at the time incurable. It is the Harlequin Ichthyosis: it affects one in a million newborns, makes the risk of infections high and causes Giovannino's body to be covered with plaques and scales.

Solidarity race to welcome Giovannino

Once the child was born, after heterologous fertilization, his parents decided not to recognize him and the child now lives in the Sant'Anna obstetrics and gynecology hospital in Turin, waiting to find a family. Many have come forward: private individuals, associations, charities. Among these, also the Little House of Divine Providence, also known as Cottolengo. "We would like to think of a welcome worthy of the infinite value of your existence, with all that will be necessary", wrote the general father of the House, Don Carmine Arice, in a letter addressed to the child. The president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, thanked him: "The Region – he writes on social media – will be at your side". Alena Seredova also fell in the field, knowing the baby and holding him in her arms. As the Corriere writes, the model, who lives in Turin, often visits the children's intensive care unit at the hospital where the child is and saw him for the first time in September. Seredova said that when she was a child, the doctors thought she also had ichthyosis, because she was born with very dry skin. On Giovannino, the model told: "I met a very lively, super awake child".

The doctor: "The selection must be accurate"

Requests to take care of the child must be examined by the House of the Affidium of the Municipality and the Juvenile Court. "The selection must be accurate," explained Dr. Daniele Farina, director of the Sant'Anna neonatal intensive care unit. "The child must be covered with moisturizing cream and oil several times a day and must absolutely not be in the sunlight". While on Giovannino's mother and father, he commented: "That of the parents was a difficult, devastating decision, which I, in principle, do not judge". Giovannino now weighs just under five kilos. "With a disease like his, life expectancy is generally very low. But it endures and has now passed the critical phase. It is a normal child, only very unlucky," the doctor said. And he clarified: "From the neurological point of view there is no complication and if there was an adoptive family ready to welcome him with the go-ahead of the court, he could leave the hospital today."

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