Solar like his love for nature


Disbelief, bewilderment and much pain in Arezzo due to the death of Helenia Rapini the 29-year-old girl who died tragically on Wednesday following a dramatic car accident in Ristradelle. Her little dog also died with her, a puppy he had taken with him from the Enpa kennel because he was not in good condition and wanted to look after him until he found a new home. just love for animals and nature in general they marked the life of the young woman, as can also be seen from the many photos published online on social media. A love that he demonstrated every day in his work as a dog trainer at the Enpa of Arezzo and at the municipal shelter where everyone appreciated her for her commitment and dedication far beyond the part-time timetable. "Helenia was beautiful, sunny and at the same time reserved, a sensitive girl who is very attentive and proud of her work. We can not believe that it happened "tell Enpa friends and volunteers remembering that Helenia was" sunny, sweet and loved nature and her work for animals "

It was the colleagues who first noticed that something serious had happened. In fact, the 29-year-old was heading to work when a tragic fate meant that her journey was interrupted forever on that internal road that she used as a shortcut to avoid traffic jams. A fatal frontal impact with another car which came in the opposite direction and which seems to have invaded its lane. Not seeing her arrive after an inexplicable delay for her that was always punctual, the colleagues started to worry, they made phone calls to look for her until they received the dramatic news. To understand immediately that that girl who died in the street was Helenia instead was the boyfriend, a university student, when he read the first news in online newspapers. That particular of the dog in the car, the road and the timetable made to understand immediately to the young man that his beloved was not there anymore

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