SKY – Mertens and Callejon may not renew now! Insigne and eight others …


Sky Sport's journalist and expert in the transfer market has reported on possible developments regarding renewals after what happened at Napoli.

Luca Marchetti, expert in the transfer market of Sky Sports, has issued some statements to the microphones of Mars Sports Live, in-depth transmission on the hot topics in the Neapolitan home – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his thoughts on the blue club: "Failures renewals, after negotiations that have been dragging on for some time, did not help the climate that was created. If the president says that in China there are only boiled meats (words spoken in reference to Mertens and Callejon) and that, much more than salary, he will not offer you, you footballer will be disappointed. The patron, for his part, thinks he cannot go beyond his limits and gets angry over the question of the withdrawal, and so he puts up the situation further ".

Marchetti added: "Among the players who must renew there are Mertens, Callejon, Zielinski, Milik and Maksimovic. Without neglecting the general situation of Insigne and Allan. With Hysaj and Ghoulam, who likewise do not have a good time, are we talking about 40% of the rose? Yes, a good percentage of the entire team: two or three of these players are not central in Naples now, but they are still 'heavy' names, including the captain (Insigne), the bomber (Mertens) , the balancer (Callejon) … Then Allan, another important profile, and Ghoulam, who was one of the leaders of the locker room a year ago. They all have technical and moral weight. Among the senators, only Koulibaly is missing. , they have no contractual problems, of course. How successful, considering also the voices coming from China, consequently increases the chances of transfer in January for Mertens or Callejon? The possibility of leaving, in general, has always been there, but the thing it doesn't change now. if anything, it increases the possibility that they will not renew their contract. We are talking about renewals that have been going on for a long time and risk not closing, given the increasingly tense relations in this period ".

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