Sixteen-year-old dies in an accident, he took his mother's car: 7 boys were wounded with him


Accident deadly this night in the province of Udine, between Rodeano of Rive d'Arcano and Villanova di San Daniele. To lose their lives a 16 year old, who, according to preliminary reports, would have put himself at the helm of the car owned by the mother. On board the vehicle, another 7 boys, all minors, who in the accident would have suffered only minor injuries.

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The car, due to reasons still being investigated, left the road and, after knocking down a public lighting pole, turned over, ending its run in a meadow. The incident occurred on Provincial 5, shortly after one o'clock on Sunday 17 November. On the spot, various means of the 118 to rescue the wounded, the carabinieri for the reliefs and the firemen. The victim lived in Fagagna (Udine), according to the first news he would have taken his mother's Opel. The other seven boys are injured but not life threatening.

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